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Georgia DUI

A conviction (and sometimes merely a charge) for driving under the influence (DUI) comes with a wide range of consequences—monetarily, socially, professionally, and personally. DUI convictions will appear on your driving record for years to come, and will remain on your criminal history for the rest of your life. Worse, a convicted driver might be terminated from employment and find some jobs to be off-limits entirely. A DUI conviction could even prevent you from entering foreign countries. This is why, if you have been charged with DUI, you need a Georgia DUI Attorney who has completed the same training as the officers who arrested you, who is as skilled in court as the attorney who is prosecuting you, and who has the compassion to walk you through the whole process. If fighting a DUI case and doing everything possible to clear your name is important to you, hire an experienced Georgia DUI attorney who specializes in these matters, and who has the requisite training to competently defend DUI cases. Click the links to the right to learn more about the different kinds of DUI cases, and the possible penalties for each type. And please don’t hesitate to reach out for a free DUI consultation.

Georgia DUI Practice Areas

First Lifetime DUI

Second DUI in 10 Years

Third DUI in 10 Years

Fourth or Subsequent DUI in 10


DUI Marijuana

Prescription Drug DUI

DUI Drugs

Child Endangerment

Juvenile Court DUI

Under 21 DUI

Reckless Driving

Georgia DUI with a CDL

DUI Habitual Violator

Felony DUI

Serious Injury by Vehicle

Vehicular Homicide


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