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Georgia Under 21 Traffic Cases

Under O.C.G.A. § 40-5-57.1, younger drivers are held to a higher burden than are older drivers. For this reason, it is of the utmost importance that younger drivers, especially those who rely on their licenses to get to work and school, speak to a Georgia Traffic Attorney prior to entering a plea (or an admission in a Georgia Juvenile Court).

If a driver is under 21 years old and is convicted any of the following offenses, his/her license will be suspended.

If a driver is under 18 years old and accumulates 4 or more points within a 12 month period, his or her license will be suspended. It is important to know that a plea of nolo contendere, or no contest, is considered a conviction and will not prevent license suspension for drivers under 21.

If a younger driver’s license is suspended under either of these provisions, he or she may be eligible for reinstatement after 6 months for a first suspension, and after 12 months for a second suspension. For a first suspension, the person must pay a reinstatement fee of $210 (in person) or $200 (by mail) and provide proof of completion of a defensive driving course. For a second suspension, the reinstatement fee is $310 (in person) or $300 (by mail). For DUI cases, other requirements also apply – see here for more information.

Why Hire an Attorney for a Georgia Under 21 Traffic case?

If you (or your child) are under 21 and have been charged with a traffic offense either in Juvenile Court or in one of Georgia's many Municipal, State, or Superior Courts, you should contact a Georgia Criminal Defense Attorney immediately. You should never simply pay a traffic ticket or plead guilty without having full knowledge of all the implications, even if it seems relatively minor. This is especially true with young offenders, as consequences tend to be more serious for them. You also should make sure that the attorney you hire has knowledge of Georgia Juvenile Court cases specifically, because they are very different from adult cases. An attorney who handles only adult cases is not equipped to handle a juvenile matter, whether the juvenile case is "serious" or not. For more information, contact me today.

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