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If you have been charged with a criminal or traffic offense in Georgia, you need an attorney who will fight for you.

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Criminal Law

What kinds of cases do I handle?

Criminal defense is a complicated and rapidly-evolving body of law. Each and every case is unique, and each and every client is unique. I have been practicing criminal defense in Georgia for ten years, and I understand that clients have different priorities and needs. I therefore tailor my strategy to each client in order to achieve their goals. My job as a Georgia criminal defense lawyer is multi-faceted. I am an advisor, a sounding board, an investigator, and a strategist. Most importantly, though, I am an advocate. At every step, I will fight for you and help you achieve your goals. No matter what kind of case you’re facing, if that’s the kind of lawyer you want, contact me today.

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Pending Criminal Matters

If you are facing a pending criminal matter, regardless of the severity of the offense, your life can be drastically affected. Not only are you facing criminal penalties, but there are many collateral consequences to criminal convictions that you need to know about.


If the police ask to speak with you, you have the right to have a lawyer present. You should always assert that right. I assist individuals who are facing potential criminal investigations in protecting their rights.

Probation & Parole Issues

If you are facing a probation or parole violation or revocation, you are looking at potential jail time. Even if you think there are no defenses, do not make any admissions or go to court without a lawyer.

Expungement & Record Restriction

I assist individuals with sealing (or expunging) their records, allowing them to move on with their lives after an encounter with the justice system. I also help clients fix mistakes that sometimes occur on their court papers, which may not be discovered until months or years later but can have catastrophic effects.

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