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9.1Kevin Raymond Fisher
Kevin Raymond FisherReviewsout of 322 reviews

Outstanding Representation!

After a major lapse in judgment I

made a poor decision and was pulled over and eventually charged with DUI Per Se (1st in 15 yrs/6th lifetime), Failure To Maintain Lane, Driving without a license, Reckless Driving, and DUI Less Safe. I also got a ticket for a suspended license due to two out of state suspensions. I just knew that I was about to lose everything I had worked for my whole life.

After reaching out to numerous attorneys, I decided to meet with Mr Fisher. Best decision I ever made. He made me feel very comfortable about my case and I hired him on the spot. Even though I didn't hire him to assist me on the two out of state suspensions, he took care of it anyway and provided me with solutions to get my license back. Which I did. After deciding to not go to trial, I plead guilty to DUI and Failure To Maintain Lane. Due to Mr Fisher's tireless efforts the punishment was VERY MINIMAL for me! I'm very happy I was able to hire Mr Fisher.

He is not only a GREAT LAWYER, but a GREAT PERSON. He was there for me 24/7 throughout the whole process and always kept me updated on my case. Thank you again Mr Fisher!"



Multiple moving violations

I was stopped and then arrested for traveling at a very high rate of speed. I was given four citations. Needless to say, the officer that pulled me over was not very pleased with my lapse of judgment. Through a trusted attorney friend, I was referred to Kevin Fisher. I met with Kevin and went over the details of my case. He and his staff were professional throughout. He listened receptively in a nonjudgmental way, to the facts of my case. Kevin met with the prosecutor and negotiated an unbelievable outcome! The Judge even commented that some Judges would throw someone with the charges I was facing in custody depending on the jurisdiction. Kevin, however not only kept me out of custody, he also was able to get two of the most serious citations completely dismissed. We reached a plea agreement that resulted in zero points on my license. All I had to do was pay a fine and take defensive driving. Fortunately, I completed the defensive driving course before my court date based on Kevin’s advice in order to help with the negotiations. I am so glad that I followed Kevin’s advice and that I had him in my “corner” throughout this entire deal. He made himself available, even outside of business hours, to answer questions that I had along the way. He is very responsive to text, email, and phone calls. I could not be more satisfied with the service I received. Thank you Kevin for obtaining such a great outcome!



Outstanding representation

Without going into great detail Kevin represented my son in reference to rectifying a post sentence matter of confusion that was a cause of great distress. As a 20 + year law enforcement veteran I have interacted professionally with numerous attorneys and actually consider many of them friends but can honestly rate Kevin in the top percentile of the attorney profession. His dogged determination to get to the bottom of the issue at hand and tireless efforts to achieve success for his clients commands much respect. He is very approachable and personally updates clients on case progress in a timely manner that is rarely encountered. I would endorse and recommend Kevin to anyone looking for professional and aggressive representation.

Bob B.


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