Fulton Record Restriction Summit - Pictured Kevin Fisher with Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard and Atlanta resident Jason Pullman

Fulton County Veterans Day Record Restriction Summit

I feel very strongly that people should be able to move on after an encounter with law enforcement. For this reason, I was very excited to participate in the Fulton County Record Restriction Summit a few weeks ago.

It may be surprising for some of my readers to know that people whose cases are dismissed prior to trial, people who participate in a pre-trial diversion program resulting in dismissal of the charges, people who have been arrested but not indicted by a grand jury, and people who go to trial and are acquitted by a jury all still have criminal arrest records by default. These criminal records interfere with a person’s ability to find employment and housing, and potentially to attend school, which contributes to poverty and homelessness.

Record restriction, which I have written about more extensively here, is essentially a process by which a person’s criminal record is sealed, rendering it not readily available to the general public (it is still available to law enforcement and would show up on FBI background checks).

The Record Restriction Summit took place on Veteran’s Day, November 14th at The Temple in Midtown Atlanta. The Fulton County District Attorney’s Office and the Fulton County Solicitor General’s Office both participated. Ultimately, hundreds of Fulton County residents were able to have their records sealed to that they can move on with their lives.

If you believe you might be eligible for record restriction, you do not have to wait for the next Record Restriction Summit. A Georgia Criminal Defense Attorney can help you with record restriction any time. Call me today.

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