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9.1Kevin Raymond Fisher
Kevin Raymond FisherReviewsout of 262 reviews

Wildly exceeded expectations

David – Client

Searching for an attorney after my DUI was a very scary experience. I was diligent, did research including using AVVO, and ultimately decided to hire Kevin. In addition to being clearly competent, he was also very accessible and attentive. 90% of the time he picked up the phone the first time I called. If not, he called me back within hours. My result was better than I expected and I would recommend Kevin to anyone.

Stupid Me

Diane – Client

Yeah I waited 64 years before being really really stupid and breaking the law. I have no excuse, I knew what I was doing was wrong, but I did it anyway. I was caught shoplifting at all places Costco, the Disney world of shopping. A friend of mine recommended Kevin and I am so happy they did. It made a trying and frightening situation not so scary.
Kevin was able to get my charges dismissed after fighting to get me accepted into a Diversion program.
He even kept me from having to appear in court. This allowed me to work without any interruptions. So happy that this is over and behind me. So glad I had Kevin fighting for me.

Made my life much easier after the trouble I got in

A.J. – Client

Kevin absolutely was the best decision I made after my 2 DUIs my senior year in college. I was going thru some makor personal issues and it led me to make some bad decisions and 2 DUIs in less than 2 months.

Kevin stood my me the whole way, explained everything I was going thru and what I would have to be dealing with in the future. He was also able to answer any of my questiobs immediately and with great insight.

He was able to get me the best outcome I think possible and able to go on with my life. I had 19 charges on me including the 2 DUIs and he ws able to get 17 of them dropped.

I would recommend to all!

DUI Case

T.L. – Client

I would like to thank Kevin for his rigorous work dealing with myself as well as my case. I couldn’t have asked for a better person most importantly lawyer in my time of need. I would recommend Mr. Fisher to any of my colleagues. Thank you again Kevin!!!

Outstanding Representation!

S.L. – Client

After a major lapse in judgment I made a poor decision and was pulled over and eventually charged with DUI Per Se (1st in 15 yrs/6th lifetime), Failure To Maintain Lane, Driving without a license, Reckless Driving, and DUI Less Safe. I also got a ticket for a suspended license due to two out of state suspensions. I just knew that I was about to lose everything I had worked for my whole life. After reaching out to numerous attorneys, I decided to meet with Mr Fisher. Best decision I ever made. He made me feel very comfortable about my case and I hired him on the spot. Even though I didn’t hire him to assist me on the two out of state suspensions, he took care of it anyway and provided me with solutions to get my license back. Which I did. After deciding to not go to trial, I plead guilty to DUI and Failure To Maintain Lane. Due to Mr Fisher’s tireless efforts the punishment was VERY MINIMAL for me! I’m very happy I was able to hire Mr Fisher. He is not only a GREAT LAWYER, but a GREAT PERSON. He was there for me 24/7 throughout the whole process and always kept me updated on my case. Thank you again Mr Fisher!

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