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School’s In Session: Illegally Passing a School Bus

School’s In Session:  Passing a School Bus It seems like the first day of school gets earlier and earlier every year, doesn’t it?  With the beginning of the school year comes traffic in Atlanta, and an increased number of certain traffic and criminal offenses.  Some of these offenses are not well-known.  So for the next […]

Georgia Marijuana Laws

Georgia’s marijuana laws:  “Decriminalization” and what it means The law can be confusing, especially since there are so many overlapping laws.  This is especially true when these overlapping laws conflict with each other.  For example, when you are located in, for example, the City of Newnan, you are subject to the laws of Newnan, the laws […]

Georgia’s New Hands-Free Law

Georgia’s New Hands-Free Driving Law:  What You Need to Know On July 1, 2018, a new Georgia law goes into effect that may require some changes to your commute.  The “Hands-Free Law,” signed by Governor Deal earlier this year, essentially states that a driver operating a motor vehicle may not hold a phone in his […]

FTAs and Atlanta Municipal Court

Ransomware Attack Cripples Atlanta Municipal Court and Causes Confusion, Missed Court Dates You may have heard of the ransomware attack that struck the City of Atlanta in March of this year.  This attack, in which hackers demanded that the City pay $51,000 in bitcoin, crippled many of the city’s government offices, and it continues to affect […]

Things To Know During Memorial Day Traffic Crackdowns

10 Things To Know During Memorial Day Traffic Crackdowns All attorneys who practice DUI law in Georgia know that holiday weekends mean traffic enforcement crackdowns, and Memorial Day weekend is no exception. On Monday, law enforcement officials in Georgia and its neighboring states began what they call the “Hands Across the Border” traffic enforcement campaign. […]

Medical Marijuana And What It Means for Georgia Drivers

Last week, Governor Deal signed into law a new bill that expands the number of Georgians who are able to legally use cannabis oil to treat certain medical conditions.  Click here to read to full text of the bill as it was signed into law.  Cannabis oil has been legal for a very small number […]

Accountability Courts

My take on accountability courts In 2012, Governor Deal appointed a former drug court judge to the Criminal Justice Reform Council, and charged him with finding ways to improve Georgia’s criminal justice system.  The Council ultimately recommended increased funding for various accountability court programs throughout the state. Recently, I came across an article about accountability […]

Restorative Justice Freedom Summit

In Georgia, approximately 3.8 million people (or a third of Georgia’s population) have a criminal record.  This includes not just convictions, but charges and arrests (both felony and misdemeanor) and may include arrests for cases that have been dismissed.  These criminal records, which appear when a potential employer runs a background check, can stand in […]


Stress can cause people to act in unusual ways, and for many people, the holidays can be a stressful and difficult time.  This may be one of the reasons that arrest rates tend to spike over the holidays. Family violence is one criminal offense that spikes notably around the holidays, as reported by The Atlantic.[1]  […]


Last year, 273 Georgia drivers were arrested for DUI over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.  Many of these drivers were likely stopped, and ultimately arrested, at DUI checkpoints.  Police agencies around Georgia use DUI checkpoints year-round to detect what they believe to be impaired drivers.  However, use of these checkpoints increases drastically around the holiday season, […]