Know Your Rights on the Fourth of July

Know Your Rights on the Fourth of July

Every holiday weekend results in crime suppression crackdowns, and this Fourth of July will probably be no exception. Record high gas prices may keep some drivers home this weekend, but I suspect many people will still be hitting the road for the holiday.

Traffic violations, DUI, and Boating Under the Influence are charges that frequently occur during summer holidays.

Here is my article about the Memorial Day Boating Under the Influence crackdown in Georgia.

Knowing Your Rights During a DUI Stop

Know Your Rights on the Fourth of July

If you are stopped for a suspected DUI, knowing your rights and asserting them can make a huge difference, and your attorney will thank you. 

 Here’s what you need to know in a nutshell:

  1.  If an officer pulls you over, provide them with your license, proof of insurance, and vehicle registration. Do not engage in any unnecessary conversations with the officer. Even if the conversation seems harmless, the officer is trained to look for things they will argue are signs of intoxication. These can include speech patterns, an odor of alcohol, rumpled clothing, and glassy/watery eyes.
  2. You are not legally obligated to submit to field sobriety testing, and I recommend that you do not. Read my article about Standardized Field Sobriety Tests here.
  3. You are also not legally obligated to submit to state-administered chemical testing. While you have this right, you should know that the State of Georgia attempts to make that refusal as painful as possible, and refusing may have implications for your driver’s license. That said, refusing may ultimately weaken the State’s criminal case against you. Read more about Implied Consent in Georgia here.
  4. Ask for an attorney ASAP. The policy may not provide you access to your lawyer immediately, but it’s good to make sure you are on record asking for one.

Other Important Reads

My article “Asking for a Friend: How Much Is Too Much” tackles the question of what Blood Alcohol Concentration is, and how much a person can drink before they are over the legal limit (the short answer: it depends).

My article “Know Your Rights in Georgia” lets you know what to do if you are stopped on foot by the police. Read it here.

And finally, my article “Know Your Rights: DUI Roadblocks and Vehicle Safety Checkpoints” gives you all the information you need to effectively deal with a DUI Checkpoint. Read that here.

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