Crimes Against The Person

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Crimes Against The Person

Under Georgia law, there are many types of “Crimes Against the Person.”  These range from Simple Assault, a misdemeanor, all the way to Felony Murder, which carries the potential for a death penalty sentence.  Essentially, Crimes Against the Person are crimes in which violence is either committed or threatened.

Many people have a knee-jerk reaction to violent crimes.  They think that being arrested for a violent crime means that the person must be guilty.  But a good Georgia Criminal Defense Attorney knows that sometimes law enforcement gets it wrong and that an arrest does not equal guilt.  There is always more to the story than a police report would suggest.

Additionally, Georgia law lays out “affirmative defenses” that frequently become relevant in Crimes Against the Person.  For example, self-defense is an “affirmative defense.”  If a person is attacked and reasonably believes that unlawful force against him or her is imminent, he or she may respond with force.  This is just one example of an affirmative defense, and there are many others.  You should be sure to discuss all the facts and circumstances of your case with your Georgia Criminal Defense Attorney so that he can determine if any of them are applicable in your case.

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