Screenshot of zoom meeting between Kevin Fisher and FOX 5 anchor mid conversation.

FOX 5 Interview on July 11, 2023

In July, I had the opportunity to discuss with FOX 5 Atlanta an incident involving Chief Deputy Michael Yarbrough in McDonough, Georgia.

Henry County Deputy Yarbrough was given a citation that was ultimately reduced to a warning and a 40-hour suspension from work after driving 96 miles per hour in a 35 miles per hour zone – almost triple the speed limit.

A quote from Sheriff Reginald B. Scandrett that states, "I suspended the Chief Deputy for forty hours for the severity of the traffic citation."

Typically, a person who is speeding is not allowed to leave with only a warning. Instead, a person driving as fast as Deputy Yarbrough would receive multiple citations, such as reckless driving or too fast for conditions, and may be detained into custody. It is unheard of to only receive a warning for such an offense.

I have handled thousands of traffic cases. In my interview with FOX 5 Atlanta, I noted that I have dealt with officers who have no problem pulling over and detaining other officers who break the law, such as when an officer drives under the influence. The incident involving Deputy Yarbrough is a reminder of how important it is that everyone is treated the same when they are pulled over – regardless of who they are.   

If you want to learn more about reckless driving and other traffic violations that could suspend a person’s license or result in jail time, you can find additional information on my website here.

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