Georgia State Patrol Still Reeling From Cyber Attack

Three months ago, hackers launched a massive ransomware attack that crippled the Georgia Department of Public Safety. The problem remains unresolved, as GSP is still unable to access its computer system or its digital records. It is believed that some records, believed to be from tickets written July 23-26, are simply lost permanently. That will make cases difficult (perhaps impossible) to prosecute. For other citizens affected by the hack, it is simply dragging out what already can be a long, drawn-out process, as court cases cannot proceed without certain records. 

For example, in DUI cases that I handle, I always file an open records request to make sure I have all the information on my cases so I can do the most thorough investigation possible. The hack has created a backlog of over 2,000 pending open records requests. 

The agency is also unsure whether personal data has been stolen or leaked, as they are unable to even access their systems to assess the damage.

If you have been given a ticket by the Georgia State Patrol (or, for that matter, by any Georgia law enforcement agency), call me today for assistance.

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