Surprising Note on Windshield Encourages Safe Driving

Recently a woman and her husband felt that they might have had too much to drink to drive home safely after eating and drinking at a restaurant in Alberta, Canada.  They made the smart decision to leave their car in the parking lot, call an Uber or taxi and leave their car to be picked up the following day. 

When the car was picked up, there was a note on the windshield from the manager of the restaurant to the patrons thanking them for leaving their car and making the smart decision not to drive home and risk receiving a DUI—or even worse, getting into an accident and potentially harming someone.  The manager of the restaurant even enclosed a voucher for a pound of free chicken wings. 

What this story doesn’t emphasize is that just because you’re not drunk, it doesn’t mean that you’re not impaired. A common misconception is that so long as a person’s blood alcohol content (BAC) is below .08% they cannot be cited with a DUI. This is absolutely false. Under Georgia law, law enforcement can arrest someone for a DUI regardless of BAC simply by claiming they’re a “less safe driver.”

The sobering reality is that any time you consume alcohol and get behind the wheel of a car you risk getting a DUI. Unfortunately, the scenario about the couple in Alberta tends to be the exception and not the rule, with Georgia arresting tens of thousands of motorists each year. Should you find yourself in this position, you’re going to need a competent and experienced attorney to fight for you.

Throughout my years of practice as a Georgia criminal defense attorney, I have handled innumerable cases involving DUI’s and related offenses. While I cannot guarantee case results, I can guarantee that I will do everything in my power to achieve the best possible outcome.

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