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Case dispositions granting probation often afford defendants with little to no margin for error. Even a seemingly benign and honest mistake can result in a probation revocation. The consequences are even more severe where someone is alleged to have violated the terms of probation by committing a new crime. The sentencing judge from the original case has the authority to amend, modify, terminate, or even revoke the negotiated sentence.

For defendants convicted under the First Offender Act, proof of a probation violation may lead a judge to revoke their First Offender Status, thereby rendering them a convicted felon for the rest of their life, and re-sentencing them up to the maximum allowable sentence for the original offense.

The challenging nature of probation violations is precisely why if you are accused of violating the terms of your probation, you are in absolute need of an attorney with significant experience defending clients in probation matters. The stakes are too high to put your future at risk—contact my office today to give yourself the best possible chance of protection.