Georgia DUI with a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL)

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Commercial Driver’s Licenses (CDL) holders cited with traffic offenses or DUI’s, are treated differently than any other class of driver. Separate criteria have been proscribed through federal regulatory provisions, as well as Georgia criminal law, to withdraw commercial driving privileges.

Under Georgia law, CDL holders can be charged with a DUI if, in the course of operating a commercial vehicle, are found to have a 0.04 blood alcohol concentration (BAC)—moreover, refusing to submit to the test may result in a disqualification of your CDL privileges. This is a significantly more stringent standard than the 0.08  BAC level for non-CDL motorists.

These disqualifications are often triggered by routine traffic-related offenses, and in many cases—occur while you are not even driving a commercial vehicle at the time you are cited or arrested. Under Georgia law, you will face losing your CDL for one year on a first-time DUI offense, and a lifetime ban of your CDL for a second DUI.

If you rely on your CDL privileges for your livelihood, you cannot afford to handle your case alone or wait to contact an attorney. 

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