Quasi-Criminal Domestic Matters



Georgia law categorizes and defines certain acts as “family violence.” Offenses falling into this group are subject to harsher sentences and restrictions, including mandatory anger management counseling, six-month Family Violence Intervention Programs, restrictions from contacting your spouse or children, restrictions from living in the family home, and even loss of your right to carry or possess a firearm.

Additionally, many family and domestic violence arrests lead to Temporary Protective Orders (TPO’s), which last for up to 30 days and are subject to extension, or a permanent protective order may be issued following a hearing, which can last from between one to three years. If your accuser alleges physical violence, harassment, threats, or stalking behaviors, the judge will likely issue an ex parte TPO, barring you from making any contact, until a hearing has been set. Moreover, once a TPO is in place, any allegations of prohibited contact will result in immediate arrest for aggravated stalking—a felony charge—and you will then likely be held without bond.

If you are facing potentially life-altering charges related to domestic violence allegations, you need an experienced attorney on your side to protect your rights, and your future. These allegations should not be ignored or taken lightly, and the sooner you start working on your defense, the better it will be for your case and its ultimate outcome.  Sometimes, even the most successful among us are not immune from false allegations. I am here to help; contact my office today to start building the best defense possible for your case.